Civic picture gallery "Francesco Tabusso" in Rubiana (Italy)

A work of Elio Pastore, "The Lady of Shalott (a tribute a John William Waterhouse)", an oil on canvas cm. 80x40, will become part of the permanent collection of the "Francesco Tabusso" Civic Picture Gallery in Rubiana (Italy).

A work published on newspaper "La Valsusa"

A work of Elio Pastore, "Danza d'autunno", was published on italian newspaper "La Valsusa" (20 September 2018).

Workshop on oil portrait with Vicente Romero Redondo

Elio Pastore and Vicente Romero Redondo

Elio Pastore took part in a workshop on oil portrait, held in Rome in May 2018 by the great Spanish master VICENTE ROMERO REDONDO.

Shrine of St. James, Indiritto di Coazze (Italy)

"Madonna dell'Indiritto", a work of Elio Pastore, has been permanently placed on Shrine of St. James, Indiritto di Coazze (Italy) during the Sunday Mass of February 4, 2018.

Click here to read the article on Italian newspaper "Valsusa Oggi"

"Sguardi dal Novecento", article on magazine "Art&Art", 2017